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SIGN: a supernatural thriller of deception and murder

SIGN book reviews

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Jules 5/5

This is a great supernatural horror thriller. It seems to be marketed as a thriller, but there is a definite horror feel to this novel too. This novel is a great combination of supernatural, horror, crime and thriller, so should appeal to fans of all those genres, as there is something for everyone in this novel.

GoodReads Review

Cornwall, England


Book Lover: "Secrets, lies and evil"  5/5

Jim is a man tired of life and hiding secrets. In fact, he's hiding a rather big secret. He and his wife are struggling to make their marriage work. On a business trip, Jim decides to spice up his dull routine, and in a haze of gin, picks up a woman in a bar. The night quickly goes from bad to worse, and he soon realizes that his alcohol-induced decision would become the worst mistake he's ever made.

Amazon Review



L2Karen: "Could be a Twilight Zone episode!"  5/5

Jim Thompson receives a strange phone call, just as he and his wife are preparing for a week-end getaway. He is called by a dead man whom he saw murdered a year before. From that point on this novel is riveting and hard to put down. (I read it all on a Sunday) There are references to The Twilight Zone and that's what this feels like. Jim has kept secrets from his wife and is eaten up with guilt that finally seems to be catching up to him. This book is well-written and edited, hard to believe that it is the author's first novel.

Amazon, Kindle customer